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Change the mind. Change the body. Change your Life.

Purple Butterfly Coaching offers professional guidance in exercise, nutrition and ongoing motivational support to help people change and enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle enriched through better physical and mental fitness.
Through a supportive relationship designed to help you take back control of your fitness, nutrition and health, I provide a bespoke service and journey to enhanced wellbeing and vitality.

Face-to-Face or Skype-based Sessions

My in-person services provide training in the comfort of your own home, workplace or the great outdoors – away from an often-intimidating gym environment.
I am passionate about helping others, and I believe an authentic lifestyle-based fitness coaching service offers many people the lifeline they need to make permanent changes in their lives to lead a healthier and happier more active lifestyle for life.

1. Helping you get clear, get confident and take back control in your life.
2. Supporting your fitness and nutrition goals to ensure lasting results.
3. Developing a habit of exercise and healthy eating to fit your lifestyle.
4. Helping you manage your own motivation active lifestyle.
5. Coaching-only support to make sure you see your 12 month program to the end.

Purple Butterfly Coaching offers a 12 month coaching program to truly support people to make lasting changes in their lives.


6 Weeks

Six Coaching Sessions

Six Training Sessions

3x Purple Butterfly Workouts



6 Weeks

2x Purple Butterfly Workouts per Week

1x Coaching Session per Week



12 Weeks

3x Purple Butterfly Workouts per Week

1x Coaching Session per Month



12 Weeks

1x Purple Butterfly Workout per Week

1x Coaching Session per Month



16 Weeks

1x Coaching Session per Month

MICHELLE WILLIAMS I am a Fitness and Motivation Coach. A graduate from the European Institute of Fitness I possess a Diploma in Personal Training and ACSM Fitness & Nutrition Coach award. My training is in mindset coaching and behaviour management and of course as a certified trainer, exercise nutrition. Why not book a complimentary session to get to know one-another?
My 12 month coaching program breaks away from "quick-fix" diet-based approaches to better health and well-being. It steps away from high intensity injury-invoking fitness regimes designed for the already-fit and, instead, addresses the very real and often limiting mental barriers and inhibitions that often prevent people from moving forwards. If you are struggling with your motivation, want help with your nutrition and fitness to make a lasting change to your lifestyle, contact me and let's talk through how I might be able to help you.

My Online | Skype-based Coaching offers a great way to get motivated, deal with what really holds you back and feel someone has got your back, as you make those all-important lifestyle changes.
If you have attended fitness classes in the past, tried at-home fitness, done the gym thing but to no avail and just feel stuck with your nutrition, health and fitness - you are in the right place. I am not one of those trainers who just wants to make you sweat. Far from it. I am all about helping you feel supported as you address what really holds you back so that we can tackle your motivation together.

12 month Skype-based Personal Coaching Program GET STARTED TODAY Book your first session FREE
Month-by-Month Fitness and Nutrition Coaching GET STARTED TODAY Book your first session FREE
Month-by-Month Personal Coaching Program GET STARTED TODAY Book your first session FREE

Your FREE Coaching Session

During this obligation-free session we can explore your needs more fully, identifying where you would like to be in 12 months time, what holds you back and whether taking some coaching with me might help.


This can be in a local coffee shop,
the comfort of your own home,
or at an agreed venue where you will feel comfortable. We can also discuss coaching more fully. Contact me and let's agree a time and place.

Action Changes Things

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